Despite the many notebooks lying around the house, I can’t seem to help always turning to a simple note-taking app on my BlackBerry Classic smartphone. I just always have it handy, wherever I am, and I don’t much care for my own handwriting. And despite having been an information professional for many years (or perhaps just because of that) I am chaotic. I would undoubtedly hopelessly misplace all these scraps of paper or simply throw them away —I and with them, valuable ideas for future bestsellers, of course... The app on my faithful BlackBerry enables me to type fast (which is exactly why I have a BlackBerry to begin with: its physical keyboard) and export my notes to my cloud storage, where they can be kept forever until I rediscover them.

Every now and then, I give my handwriting another chance, but after yet another disappointment I find myself turning to my trusted BlackBerry once more...

Enterprising writing editor with a love for books and a passion for online media, an inquisitive mind, an outspoken opinion and her Heart in the Write Place

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